Disciplines and Ideas in the Applied Social Sciences Week 1 Quiz

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What is one of the main career tracks for applied social scientists according to the text?


Which field of applied social sciences focuses on improving individual and collective well-being?

Social work

In which field can graduates learn multidisciplinary knowledge and skills related to journalism and mass communication?

Communication Studies

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a main career track for applied social scientists?

Mechanical engineering

What is the primary purpose of counselling in the field of applied social sciences?

To provide guidance and support to individuals in need

What is the branch of science devoted to the study of human societies?

Social Sciences

Which social science discipline studies the allocation of scarce resources and the production of goods and services?


What is the scientific study of humans and their cultures in both the past and present time?


Which social science discipline primarily studies human behavior in relation to political systems?

Political Science

What does demography primarily study?

Human populations across time

Test your knowledge on the branches and concepts within the field of social sciences, including economics and anthropology. Explore topics such as resource allocation, cultural studies, and human societies.

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