Disciplinary Actions in Fire Department Procedures

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What type of personnel does the term Fire Marshal refer to in this policy?

CLEET certified personnel commissioned by the City

Under what circumstances should Fire Marshals use force according to the department's policy?

Only to control an incident and protect lives

What is the definition of 'Deadly Force' according to the policy?

Any use of force that may cause death or serious bodily harm

What is the purpose of the policy regarding the use of force by Fire Marshals?

To provide guidelines on using deadly and nondeadly force appropriately

What is considered 'Non-deadly Force' according to the department's policy?

Any use of force not expected to cause death or serious bodily harm

What action may the Fire Chief decide to take before determining disciplinary action?

Consult with other supervisory members

What must the Department Director provide to the affected employee before imposing a suspension?

A detailed summary of the evidence used against the employee

Under what circumstances can the imposition of a suspension be grieved?

After the effective date of the discipline

Who has the authority to demote an employee to a lower class position and pay grade?

City Manager

When may the Department Director recommend dismissal of an employee?

For violations of rules or regulations, or other serious reasons

What can a Department Director request from the City Manager in cases involving criminal charges against an employee?

Longer suspension period

In what circumstances may an employee be demoted by the City Manager?

In cases where warranted as disciplinary action

What type of vehicles are included in the definition of 'motor vehicle' in the text?


Who is exempt from the procedure of opening and searching lockers, desks, and containers on City property as per the text?

Certified peace officer members

Under what circumstances can City officials open and search lockers, desks, and containers on City property?

If there is reasonable suspicion of weapons

What is the purpose of establishing procedures for the prompt activation of a SAFE PLACE at BAFD Fire Stations?

To ensure correct handling of youth seeking refuge

In the context of the text, what should members of a fire station do when a youth asks for help?

Immediately notify dispatch and the Battalion Chief

Who approves the Safe Place Procedures according to the text?

Chief Jeremy K. Moore

What is the Fire Chief's role in determining light duty assignments?

Sole determiner of who will get a light duty assignment

Under what circumstances can an employee qualify for a staff position due to a temporary disability?

Non-service connected injuries or illnesses

Is light duty guaranteed to all employees recovering from service connected injuries or surgeries?

No, it depends on the Fire Chief's decision

What is a key requirement for members recovering from service connected injuries to be assigned to light duty?

Physician of the City's choosing must release them to such an assignment

Can members request light duty to conserve sick leave for non-service connected injuries?

Yes, but there are no assurances of receiving such assignment

What is the basis for determining who will supervise members during a light duty assignment?

Fire Chief's personal choice

What action must be taken when the situation involves violence from the youth, their family, or friends?

A Broken Arrow Police Officer must be assigned to the station.

Who is responsible for contacting Youth Services of Tulsa regarding a youth's request for the Safe Place Program?

Attending Members

What information does Youth Services of Tulsa provide about the volunteer they are sending?

Name, type of vehicle, and estimated time of arrival

What documents must the Youth Services of Tulsa volunteer present to take the youth with them?

A Safe Place ID card and a valid Oklahoma Driver’s License

Who will be notified if the Youth Services of Tulsa volunteer does not present all the required documents?

The Broken Arrow Police Watch Commander/Supervisor and Youth Services of Tulsa

When was the Safe Place Procedures document last revised?

July 01, 2016

Learn about the procedures followed by the Broken Arrow Fire Department when disciplining employees. Understand how employees are notified, given a chance to respond, and the process of imposing a suspension.

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