Digestive System Organs and Functions

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What is the primary function of the cerebellum?

Coordinates voluntary movements, balance, and posture

What is the role of the hypothalamus in the brain?

Regulates emotions, hormone production, and maintains homeostasis

Which part of the brain is responsible for thinking, memory, and voluntary movement?

Cerebral cortex

What is the role of the receptor in the reflex arc?

detects stimuli and converts them into nerve impulses

What is the function of the amygdala in the brain?

Processes emotions and is involved in memory formation

What is the role of the integration center in the reflex arc?

Processes sensory information and determines response

What is the function of the medulla oblongata in the brain?

Controls autonomic functions like breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure

What is the role of the sensory neuron in the reflex arc?

Carries impulses from the receptor to the spinal cord

What is the function of the hippocampus in the brain?

Involved in memory formation and spatial navigation

What is the role of the effector in the reflex arc?

Executes the response

Learn about the main organs of the digestive system, including their roles and functions. From the oral cavity to the stomach, test your knowledge of the digestive process.

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