Difference Between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells, Organelles Structure and Function

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What is the main function of cholesterol in the cell membrane?

Reduce fluidity at higher temperatures

How do double bonds in fatty acid tails affect membrane fluidity?

Increase fluidity

Which membrane protein function involves binding to signal molecules like hormones or neurotransmitters?

Signal Reception/Transduction

How does length of fatty acid chains impact membrane fluidity?

Decrease fluidity

Which membrane protein function involves helping cells recognize one another?

Cell Recognition

What is the main difference between Prokaryotic cells and Eukaryotic cells?

DNA contained in a membrane-bound nucleus in Eukaryotic cells

Which organelle serves as the 'brain' of the cell and contains DNA?


Which organelle is responsible for capturing light energy from the sun in photosynthetic organisms?


What type of enzymes do Lysosomes contain?

Hydrolysis enzymes

Which organelle is responsible for sorting, packaging, and distributing lipids and proteins within the cell?

Golgi Apparatus

Learn about the variations between prokaryotic cells (like bacteria) and eukaryotic cells (like fungi) as well as the structure and function of cellular organelles. Explore the differences in nucleus presence, membrane-bound organelles, and more.

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