Diagnosis of Undescended Testes (Cryptorchidism)

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How is the diagnosis of undescended testicles typically made?

A full genital examination by a primary care doctor

What is the first step if the testicle can't be felt in the scrotum?

Referral to a pediatric urologist or pediatric surgeon

What is the term for a condition in which the testicle is diverted from its normal pathway of descent?

Ectopic testicles

How are retractile testicles characterized?

They move in and out of the scrotum

What is the course of action if the testicle can be brought all the way into the scrotum?

No treatment is required

What happens if the testicle is determined to be neither ectopic nor retractile?

The diagnosis is usually an undescended testicle

What is the recommended treatment for an undescended testicle in a child?

Surgery called orchiopexy

In what age range are doctors usually able to repair an undescended testicle with a single, simple operation?

12-18 months

What are the potential complications associated with the surgery for an undescended testicle?

Bleeding and infection

What is the most common but still rare complication after the surgery for an undescended testicle?

Reoccurrence of undescended testicle

What is the long-term outlook for fertility in boys with one undescended testicle?

Slightly lower fertility rate

What is the recommended time period for a child to avoid sitting on riding toys after the surgery for an undescended testicle?

2 weeks

How often can parents expect follow-up examinations after the surgery for an undescended testicle?


What percentage of patients have two undescended testicles?


What is the primary concern regarding an undescended testicle in terms of long-term effects?

Risk of cancer or infertility

If a testicle cannot be felt in the groin, what may be necessary to ensure proper function and reduce cancer risk?

Further exploration and surgery

Learn about the diagnosis process for undescended testicles (cryptorchidism) where a primary care doctor performs a full genital examination and may refer the patient to a pediatric urologist or pediatric surgeon for a more thorough examination and ruling out related conditions.

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