Developmental Biology Basics

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What is the result of the fusion of the gamete nuclei?

The collection of genes that instruct the embryo to develop

What is the purpose of the chemical signals exchanged between the cells of the germ layers?

To form specific organs at specific sites

What is the term for the series of rapid mitotic divisions that occur immediately after fertilization?


Which of the following cells undergo long migrations from their place of origin to their final location?

Blood cells, lymph cells, pigment cells, and gametes

What is the term for the stage of embryonic development where the blastomeres undergo dramatic movements and change their positions relative to one another?


What is the primary function of the embryo in the development of an organism?

To translate genotype to phenotype

What is the focus of modern developmental biology?

The investigation of temporal changes in gene expression and anatomical organization

What is the collective term for the stages of development between fertilization and hatching (or birth)?


What stimulates the egg to begin development and initiates a new individual?

Fusion of the gamete cells

What is the common sequence of development that all animals, from earthworms to eagles, undergo?

Fertilization, cleavage, gastrulation, organogenesis, birth, metamorphosis, gametogenesis

Learn about the cycle of life, from embryo to adult, and the process of developmental biology. Discover how inherited genes are expressed and how organisms are built.

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