Development of Legal Codes in Early Middle Ages

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What is the primary difference between the socialist state and the liberal state described in the text?

The socialist state rejects capitalism, while the liberal state establishes a free market economy.

In a constitutional monarchy, what role does the King typically play?

Non-party political head of state

What is the significance of the term 'republic' as described in the text?

Derived from ancient Greece and Rome, representing public affairs

Which form of state protects disadvantaged people according to the text?

Social state/welfare state

What is a key characteristic of the socialist state described in the text?

Rejection of capitalism

What distinguishes a republic from a constitutional monarchy based on the text?

Role of the King in politics

Which term best describes a state based on the leadership of the Communist Party?

Socialist state

What concept does 'republic' primarily signify according to the text?

'Public thing', representing public affairs

Which type of state involves free market economy and capitalism according to the text?

Liberal state

What does a social state/welfare state focus on according to the text?

Protecting disadvantaged people

Learn about the production of legal codes in the late 5th and early 6th centuries, including laws for Burgundian inhabitants and Romans. Explore the teaching of Roman law at Bologna studia by 1150.

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