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DepEd Reverts to Old School Calendar

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When is the end of the current school year according to the discussions?

May 31

What is the main purpose of the current and upcoming school year according to Basas?

Transition to revert to the old school calendar

What did Quetua confirm regarding the end of the current school year?

It will be on May 31

What was discussed regarding teachers' 'service credit' during the meeting?

Possibility of increasing it up to 45 days

According to Poa, what was still being studied regarding the return to the old school calendar?

The return date to the old school cycle

What did the Department of Education reportedly agree to do?

Revert to the old school calendar with classes opening in June

Why did the teacher groups cite the agreement with DepEd?

To report the agreed change in the school calendar

What was one of the factors considered by DepEd for reverting to the June opening of classes?

Religious occasions such as Holy Week falling on March 24 to 30

When was the end of SY 2023 to 2024 originally set?

June 14

What is the significance of the heat in April and May according to TDC Chair Benjo Basas?

Most public school classrooms are not capable of handling the heat during that period

Read about the reported agreement between the Department of Education (DepEd) and teachers' groups to revert to the old school calendar, with classes opening in June. The agreement was announced by the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) and Teachers' Dignity Coalition (TDC) after a meeting with education officials, although the DepEd has not confirmed the change.

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