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What is the distinguishing feature of a democracy?

Government elected by the people

Define autocracy.

Government by a single person with unlimited power

Explain oligarchy.

Government controlled by a few dominant people

What is a monarchy?

Government with a king, queen, emperor, or empress

Describe dictatorship.

Country ruled by a single leader without election

Explain anarchy.

Absence of government

Who believes that government is a hindrance to personal organization?


What is a defining characteristic of a capitalist society?

People can own businesses and property

Differentiate between aristocracy and democracy.

Government controlled by a social class vs. government elected by the people

How is a constitutional monarchy different from an absolute monarchy?

Constitutional monarchy has limited monarch control, while absolute monarchy has full monarch control

Test your knowledge on the differences between democracy and autocracy. Learn about how governments are formed and how power is distributed in each system.

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