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Democracy and Governance

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What is the reason behind the binding nature of decisions made by the government?

The government's authority is backed by the possibility of sanctions

According to Aristotle, what is the fundamental nature of human beings that distinguishes them from animals?

Political animal

What is the primary goal of politics, according to the course material?

To make decisions

What type of authority is based on respect for the personality of the ruler?

Charismatic authority

What is the definition of power according to Max Weber?

The ability to achieve one's goals despite resistance

What is the subfield of political science that Comparative Politics is a part of?

Political Science

What does the rational choice theory assume about individuals?

They act in their rational self-interest and have sufficient information to make rational calculations.

What is the key characteristic of corporatism in policy development?

The strong involvement of civil society in policy development.

What is the primary focus of the collective identity interpretation?

The importance of institutions in shaping behavior

What is the role of elites in consociationalism?

They come together to represent different communities.

What is the primary function of network theory in governance?

To enable self-organizing networks to provide governance.

What is political culture in the context of social-capital?

The sort of habits that we develop when we are socialized in a specific institution.

What is the primary concern regarding democratic political institutions?

That they do not consistently produce high levels of human well-being

What is the primary reason why democratization has not resulted in more democracy?

Governance that only serves the interest of elite

What is a key issue that every representative democracy must address?

Coordinating various institutions to produce coherent policies

What is the correlation between human well-being and the level of democracy according to the human development index?

Quite low

What do veto points represent in democratic institutions?

A hindrance to coherent and effective policies

What is the main limitation of a representative democracy in addressing poverty and economic inequality?

Bad governance and corruption

What type of analysis employs various statistical techniques of data processing and looks for patterns in a large number of cases?

Large n-analysis

What is a significant concern regarding democracy and state capacity?

That it does not necessarily improve social and economic situations

What is necessary to improve life situations, according to Diamond?

Control of corruption and increased administrative capacity

What is the current trend in terms of democratization?

More countries are becoming democratic

What is an example of a country that has not seen significant improvements despite becoming democratic?

South Africa

What has been a recent issue in research in corruption in Comparative Politics?

Scale problem in comparative politics

What is the main argument of the institutional turn in the 1990s?

Institutional factors are crucial in explaining why some countries are more prosperous than others

What is the primary obstacle to solving the problem of unclean water in developing countries?

Weak judicial and administrative institutions

What is the relationship between social trust and human well-being?

Social trust has a strong, positive impact on human well-being

What is the primary factor that determines whether a society is successful or not?

Quality of government and political institutions

What is the main point of North's argument about institutions?

The importance of formal institutions has often been exaggerated

What is the main difference between the old and new institutionalism?

The old institutionalism ignored the role of institutions, while the new institutionalism emphasizes their importance

Explore the relationship between democracy and governance, and how they impact poverty, inequality, and other social issues. Learn about the challenges of democratization and its effects on society.

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