Data Collection in Research

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What is the primary purpose of data collection in research?

To answer research questions and test hypotheses

Why is accurate data collection essential in research?

To reduce the likelihood of errors occurring

What is a consequence of improper data collection?

Inaccurate answers for research questions

What is primary data collection?

Data that is not published yet, a first-hand information not yet changed by any individual

What is the main difference between primary and secondary data collection?

The source of the data

What is secondary data collection?

Data gathered from published sources or gathered already by other researchers

What is the primary purpose of informed consent in data collection?

To adequately inform participants about the procedures, potential risks, and the expected duration of their commitment

What is a challenge of data collection related to the participants themselves?

Literacy of the participants and the language of the questions

What is the purpose of anonymization and de-identification techniques in data collection?

To protect participants' data privacy

Why is it essential to ensure data security in data collection?

To ensure participants' data privacy

What is the primary purpose of ethical reporting of results in data collection?

To avoid misrepresentation or manipulation of data

What is the overall purpose of considering ethical commitments in data collection?

To ensure that participants are treated with respect and dignity

Test your understanding of data collection, its importance, and consequences of improper data collection in research. Learn how to ensure accurate and appropriate data collection to maintain the integrity and accuracy of research.

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