Research Methods: Collecting and Analyzing Data

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What is the primary purpose of collecting data?

To draw conclusions or make inferences

What is an example of a primary source of data?

An individual person

What is the ultimate goal of applying newly discovered facts and principles?

To improve the quality of human life

What is an example of an established practice that can be a primary source of data?

A marriage

What type of data is collected from natural objects and phenomena such as rain, wind, and earthquakes?

Non-verbal data

What is the role of data in research?

To serve as a basis for drawing conclusions and making inferences

What is a characteristic of primary data that is often lacking in secondary data?

Explanatory notes and details

What type of data is typically gathered from published books, articles, and research studies?

Verbal data

What is an advantage of secondary data over primary data?

Easier analysis and interpretation

What category of data gathered from respondents includes their recollections, observations, and perceptions about themselves and others?


Understand the importance of data collection in research, including the definition, analysis, and interpretation of data to draw conclusions and identify areas for improvement.

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