Cytokines in Innate and Adaptive Immunity

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Which type of immunity do cytokines mediate?

Both innate and adaptive immunity

Which of the following is an example of a cytokine involved in innate immunity?


What is the main source of cytokines involved in adaptive immunity?

T cells

In which type of immunity do cytokines typically reach elevated levels detectable in serum?

Innate immunity

What type of diseases are commonly associated with systemic effects of cytokines?

Systemic diseases

Which of the following is an inhibitor of cytokines?


What determines the cell sensitivity to cytokine signals?

Expression of receptors

Which cytokine is the main mediator of acute inflammatory responses against gram (-) bacteria and infections?


Which cytokine is the main mediator of innate immunity against intracellular pathogens?


Which cytokine mediates early innate antiviral immune responses?

Type I IFNs

Which cytokine is known as the type II IFN?

Interferon gamma

Which cytokine is the main stimulus for the synthesis of IgE antibodies and Th2 cell development?

Interleukin 4

Which cytokine is responsible for T cell growth factor and clonal expansion after antigen recognition?

Interleukin 2

Which cytokine upregulates MHC-I expression and has immunostimulatory properties?

Interferon gamma

Which cytokine is produced by leukocytes and has two main groups, including members such as IFN-a and IFN-b?

Type I IFNs

Which cytokine has two receptors, TNF-RI (p55) and TNF-RII (p75), with low affinity Kd~10^-9-10^-10?


Test your knowledge of cytokines and their roles in mediating innate and adaptive immunity. Learn about the general features, sources, functions, and stimuli of cytokines in the immune system.

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