Cybersecurity Policies for Windows and Mac Computers

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What is the main idea behind the compromise recording principle?

To record main points of intrusion rather than prevent it

Which security controls target the protection of an organization's network?

Perimeter security controls

What is a common example of a compromise sound system mentioned in the text?

Web-connected surveillance cameras

Which layer of cybersecurity focuses on protecting the connection between devices and the network?

Endpoint security controls

What type of security controls protect access to an application and its internal security?

Applications security controls

Why are humans considered the weakest link in cybersecurity?

As they can be vulnerable to phishing attacks and insider threats

What does the Virus and Spyware Protection policy help with?

Detecting and repairing viruses using signatures

What is the main function of the Firewall Policy?

Detecting and blocking network attacks

What is the purpose of the Intrusion Prevention policy?

Protecting applications from vulnerabilities

Which LiveUpdate policy may be categorized into two types?

LiveUpdate Content policy

What does the Application and Device Control policy aim to do?

Protect system resources from applications

Which policy helps in detecting threats in downloaded files using reputation data?

Virus and Spyware Protection policy

What role do industrial standards play in various industries?

Setting rules and regulations for achieving objectives

What do standard organizations primarily focus on when developing standards?

Criteria for testing computer code

Which of the following is NOT a focus area of cybersecurity standards mentioned in the text?

Designing mobile applications

What is the purpose of assessing vulnerabilities in web environments?

To identify security threats

How do cybersecurity standards help in maintaining security?

By assessing and mitigating security threats

What is one function of the BSI (British Standards Institution) in the realm of cybersecurity standards?

Assessing the impact of vulnerabilities on industries

What is the main focus of ITU-T?

Developing technical telecommunication standards

Which layer of security primarily deals with the tangible aspects in computing like server computers and hard disks?


What is the ultimate target of an attacker according to the text?


Which part of an organization's security strategy involves the overall governing principles?

Security Policies

Which sector within ITU deals with managing satellite orbit and access technologies?


What does ITU-D primarily focus on?

Improving global access to ICT

What is the primary function of the host integrity policy in cybersecurity?

To define, enforce, and restore safety of client computers

What is the purpose of the exception’s policy in the context of cybersecurity?

To exclude applications and processes from virus and spyware scans

Why does investing in cybersecurity standards seem costly for a business?

Due to the financial commitment involved

What does the exception’s policy offer regarding application control?

Exclusion of applications from virus and spyware scans

What is a key requirement of the host integrity policy for client computers accessing the network?

Having antivirus software installed

What is the aim of cybersecurity standards according to the text?

To clarify steps needed for cybersecurity objectives

Study Notes

Compromise Recording Principle

  • States that sometimes recording main points of intrusion is more desirable than adopting sophisticated measures to forestall it
  • Examples: servers in an office network keeping logs of file accesses, emails sent and received, and browsing sessions; web-connected surveillance cameras

Cybersecurity Layers

  • Human security controls: phishing simulations and access management to protect mission-critical assets
  • Perimeter security controls: physical and digital security methodologies to protect the business
  • Network security controls: protect the organization's network and prevent unauthorized access
  • Endpoint security controls: protect connections between devices and the network
  • Applications security controls: protect access to applications and their internal security
  • Data security controls: protect storage, processing, and transfer of data

Sample Cybersecurity Policies

  • Virus and Spyware Protection policy: detect, remove, and repair side effects of viruses and security risks
  • Firewall Policy: block unauthorized users, detect attacks, and remove unwanted network traffic
  • Intrusion Prevention policy: detect and block network attacks, protect applications from vulnerabilities
  • LiveUpdate policy: categorized into LiveUpdate Content and LiveUpdate Setting Policy
  • Application and Device Control policy: protect system resources from applications and manage peripheral devices
  • Exception's policy: exclude applications and processes from detection by virus and spyware scans
  • Host Integrity policy: define, enforce, and restore safety of client computers to stay enterprise networks and data secure

Cybersecurity Standards

  • Clarify functional and assurance steps to achieve organizational objectives in terms of cybersecurity
  • Popular and frequently used standards: SoGP, BSI, and more
  • Industrial standards play a critical role in achieving certain objectives in industries
  • Examples of standards: security of code in web environments, criteria for testing computer code, assessment of vulnerabilities, and more

Security Layers of Defensive and Offensive in Depth

  • Physical layer: tangible aspects of computing (servers, computers, network switches, etc.)
  • Perimeter layer: network connecting corporate IT infrastructure to external networks
  • Internal Network layer: network within the corporate IT infrastructure
  • Host layer: computers running applications
  • Applications layer: software manipulating data, target of attack
  • Data layer: attacker's ultimate target (database, active directory, documents, etc.)
  • Governance, Policies, Procedures, and Awareness: overall governing principles of the security strategy

Learn about cybersecurity policies such as application control policy and exceptions policy that can be applied to Windows and Mac computers. Understand how these policies provide flexibility in excluding applications from virus and spyware scans.

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