Cultural Preservation in the Philippines

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What does the term 'culture' derive from?

Latin colere

Which of the following is an example of material culture?

Tangible objects in the environment

What is cultural lag?

A period of maladjustment during cultural adaptation

Who is considered the father of popular culture?

Ray Browne

Which characteristic describes culture as being based on symbols?

Culture is based on symbols

When was popular culture introduced into the American lifestyle?


What is the key focus of cultural preservation?

Preserving traditional practices and customs

Which of the following is an example of folk culture?

Traditional dance

Why is preserving cultural heritage important?

To maintain a sense of identity and continuity

What distinguishes folk culture from popular culture?

Localized and traditional nature

Which of the following is NOT an example of folk culture?

Modern art exhibitions

Why is cultural preservation important for the Philippines?

To connect with roots and develop a sense of belonging

In what way does cultural diversity contribute to tourism?

By attracting visitors interested in unique traditions

What is cultural fusion?

A phenomenon that occurs when two or more cultures inter-mingle

How does cultural diffusion occur?

Through advanced communication, transportation, and technology

What is one result of cultural fusion?

Creation of new cultural forms

How does cultural preservation benefit future generations?

By safeguarding unique traditions and customs

What leads to the creation of unique cultural expressions?

Advanced communication and technology

What term is used to describe the spread of a people from their homeland?


What is 'amor propio' in Filipino culture related to?


What is 'bayanihan' derived from in Filipino culture?


What motivates some people of Filipino descent to leave the Philippines and live abroad?

Educational or employment opportunities

What do diasporas often contribute significantly to in the nations they move to?

Culture and vibrancy

'Amor propio' in Filipino culture refers to what aspect of behavior?

Self-love and self-regard

What type of cultural diffusion involves a person migrating and sharing their culture with a new location?

Relocation Diffusion

Which form of diffusion involves the spread of cultural elements from a specific group within society to another?

Contagious Diffusion

In which type of diffusion does the original culture element blend with the culture of the location it's spreading to?

Stimulus Diffusion

What does exile refer to in the context of the text?

Forced removal from one's homeland

How does exile impact cultural landscape according to the text?

It shapes the cultural landscape

Which diffusion type involves adapting traits that are not practical or reflective of a region's environment or culture?

Maladaptive Diffusion

Learn about the importance of cultural preservation in the Philippines and how it helps maintain the country's national identity and pride. Discover how Filipinos connect with their roots and develop a sense of belonging and cultural pride.

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