Cultural Assimilation

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Which of the following best describes assimilation?

The process of adopting the attitudes and values of another culture

What are some barriers to assimilation?

Physical differences

Why is assimilation sometimes difficult?

Lack of exposure to other cultures

Which of the following best defines assimilation?

The process of acquiring the culture of other individuals and groups

What role do extreme differences in cultural background and physical differences play in assimilation?

They act as barriers to assimilation

What do individuals and groups adopt during the process of assimilation?

Cultural attitudes and values

Study Notes


  • Assimilation is the process by which individuals or groups from different cultural backgrounds adapt to a dominant culture.

Barriers to Assimilation

  • Barriers to assimilation include cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic differences between the dominant culture and the minority group.
  • Prejudice, discrimination, and xenophobia can also hinder the assimilation process.

Challenges of Assimilation

  • Assimilation can be difficult due to extreme differences in cultural background and physical characteristics between the minority group and the dominant culture.
  • The process of assimilation can be slowed down or obstructed by these differences.

Definition of Assimilation

  • Assimilation is the gradual adaptation of minority groups to the dominant culture, often resulting in the loss of cultural identity.

Cultural Adoption

  • During the process of assimilation, individuals and groups adopt the language, customs, values, and norms of the dominant culture.
  • This adoption can lead to a sense of belonging and integration into the dominant society.

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