Cultural Assimilation and Acculturation

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What is the result of assimilation on an individual's culture?

Their culture is replaced by the dominant culture, with no trace of the original culture.

What is the impact of McDonaldization on creativity and innovation?

It stifles creativity and innovation due to emphasis on efficiency and predictability.

What is the role of family in socialization?

It establishes the first relationships and the filial bond between child and parents, siblings, and relatives.

What is the result of cultural homogenization?

The loss of local customs and cultural diversity.

What is the process of learning cultural patterns that are accepted by the culture?


What is the impact of McDonaldization on education and healthcare?

It extends the principles of efficiency and predictability to these sectors, impacting their delivery and experience.

What is a characteristic of culture, according to the text?

It is dynamic, flexible, and adaptive.

What is the primary function of language in a culture?

To express values, beliefs, and ideas.

What is the term for the acceptable actions within boundaries set by society or culture?


What is the term for the rules and regulations established by social institutions and governments?

Formal norms

What is the term for the process of learning cultural patterns?


What is the theory that explains how cultural aspects are hidden and not immediately visible?

Iceberg Theory

What is the primary focus of social control?

Preventing deviant behavior in society

What is cultural or sociocultural evolution?

The development of human culture from simple to complex forms

What is an example of a sanction?

A punishment for deviating from social norms

What is the main focus of sociobiological evolution?

The examination of social behavior in terms of evolution

What is an example of informal sanctions?

Unofficial social norms dictated by the morals of society

What is an example of human adaptation in the context of sociobiological evolution?

The development of bipedalism or walking on two feet in an upright position

Understand the concepts of cultural assimilation and acculturation, and how they impact individuals and societies. Learn about the differences between these two processes and their effects on cultural identity.

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