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What is a computer program?

A set of step-by-step instructions to tell a computer how to solve a problem or carry out a task

What is the most valuable part of learning to program?

Understanding how to arrange the sequence of instructions to solve a problem

What are programming languages made up of?

Keywords and grammar rules designed for creating computer instructions

How many instructions does a computer typically understand?

Only about 100 instructions

What is the role of a compiler in programming?

Translating high-level language code into machine code

Which category of programming language is considered as the natural language of a particular computer?

Machine Language

What is the main purpose of using assembly language?

To make programming easier

Which type of language typically includes commands specific to a particular CPU or microprocessor?

Low-level languages

What is the function of a compiler when translating source code (high-level language) into machine language?

Converts all the statements in a source code in a single batch

Which type of translator converts and executes one statement at a time while the program is running?


Test your knowledge of computer programming outline, program development life cycle, and program design with this quiz based on the CSCE101 course material.

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