CSC101 Program Development and PDLC

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What is the goal of the problem analysis phase in the program development life cycle?

To understand the functions the software must perform

Which of the following tools is used in program design to depict the overall organization of a program?

Structure charts

During which phase of the program development life cycle are the program specifications expanded into a complete design of the new program?

Program design

Which category of programming languages is closer to natural languages and machine independent?

High-level languages

What is the key difference between procedural programming and object-oriented programming?

Based on entities known as objects

Which programming language was created for business transaction processing and is mostly used in financial institutions?


Which programming language is known for being cross-platform and object-oriented?


Which programming language is frequently used for Web-based applications and compiles programs into bytecode?


Which programming language is commonly used to make dynamic webpages interactive and provide online programs, including video games?


Which programming language features a dynamic type system, automatic memory management, and a large standard library?


Test your knowledge on Program Development Life Cycle (PDLC) and the process of creating computer programs. This quiz covers topics like problem analysis, program design, program coding, program debugging and testing, and program implementation and maintenance.

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