Cranial Bones Anatomy Overview

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Which part of the skull forms the forehead?

Frontal bone

What is the function of sutures in the skull?

Provide cushioning support for the brain

Which bone in the skull is NOT interlocked with other bones along sutures?


What is the function of the hyoid bone in the human body?

Supporting the tongue and providing attachment for neck muscles

What type of bone is the patella?

Sesamoid bone

In which part of a typical long bone would you find the endosteum?


Where would you find the metaphysis on a typical long bone?

Between diaphysis and epiphysis

Which type of bone provides extensive muscle attachment surfaces?

Flat bone

Where are the occipital condyles located and what is their function?

On either side of the foramen magnum in the occipital bone; they articulate with the first vertebra (atlas).

Which bone is located between the eyes and is vital for the stability of the nasal septum?

Ethmoid bone

What is the primary function of the hyoid bone?

To support the tongue.

Which of the following bones is NOT part of the facial bones that shape the face?

Occipital bone

Test your knowledge about the different cranial bones and their specific features such as the frontal bone, parietal bones, occipital bone, and temporal bones. Learn about important structures like the foramen magnum and occipital condyles.

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