CPU Scheduling and Round Robin Policy

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What is the primary purpose of isolating processes consuming CPU time?

To launch low-consumption processes in higher priority queues

What happens to a process that has spent a long time in a high-priority queue?

It is placed in a lower priority queue

What determines which queue a new process is placed in?

The scheduling algorithm of each queue

What happens to a process that does not complete its execution in Q0?

It is placed back in Q1

What is the scheduling policy of Q2?


What is the primary reason for switching the context in a Round Robin scheduling policy?

To allocate the CPU to another process

What is the purpose of having multiple queues?

To allow for efficient process scheduling and allocation

What happens when the Quantum value is very large in a Round Robin policy?

The policy becomes equivalent to FCFS

What is the effect of a small Quantum value in a Round Robin policy?

The processes will have the impression of having the processor alone

What is the primary goal of Multiprogramming?

To maximize the CPU utilization

What is the role of Long-term Scheduling?

To select the number of processes to be loaded into memory

What is the effect of a large switching duration on the performance of a Round Robin policy?

It increases the average response time

What is the primary objective of Multi-Level Queues policy?

To subdivide ready processes into separate queues based on their class

Which of the following scheduling policies is best suited for batch processes?

First-Come-First-Served (FCFS)

What is the main difference between Multi-Level Queues and Multi-Level Feedback Queues policies?

The ability of a process to change queues based on its behavior

What is the purpose of long-term scheduling?

To decide which process to load into memory

What is the advantage of multiprogramming?

It increases the CPU utilization

What is the purpose of process allocation?

To assign system resources to different processes

This quiz covers the concepts of CPU scheduling, particularly the Round Robin policy, including time quantum, process blocking, and performance factors.

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