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What type of circuit is known for measuring the rate of change of the input voltage?


What type of diode is commonly used in the feedback loop of a comparator with output bounding?

Zener diode

How many op-amps are required to implement the equation Vo = V1 + 2*V2?


What type of filter rejects all frequencies within a specified band and passes all those outside this band?

Band-stop filter

What type of filter has a frequency response curve as shown in the figure?

Band-pass filter

What type of filter passes all frequencies within a band between a lower and upper critical frequency and rejects all others outside this band?

Band-pass filter

Which condition must be satisfied for self-sustained oscillations to result?

βA = 2/2

What type of oscillator is the circuit?


What is the attenuation of the three-section RC feedback phase-shift oscillator?


Where is the feedback signal derived from in a Colpitts oscillator?

Capacitive voltage divider

Which type of feedback is shown below?

Voltage series feedback

What is the output signal of an op-amp in relation to its input signal connected to the inverting input terminal?

180º out of phase

What is the resonant frequency of the oscillator if R1 = 25 k, R2 = 40 k, C1 = 0.001 μF, and C2 = 0.002 μF?

3558.8127 kHz

What is the output voltage if V1 = V2 = 0.15 V?

-6.45 V

What is the value of Rf required for the phase-shift oscillator?

136.3 kΩ

What is the center frequency of the filter?

4949.4832 Hz

What is the Quality Factor of the filter?


What is the result of negative feedback in an amplifier?

decreased voltage gain

Where are operational amplifiers (op-amps) used?

In all of the above

What happens to the phase of the feedback voltage in an oscillator?

It has no net phase shift

What type of filter can be created by cascading a high-pass filter and a low-pass filter?

Band-pass filter

What is the roll-off of a second-order filter?

-20 dB/decade

What does the common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) measure?

An op-amp's ability to reject common-mode input signals

A 3-part quiz for CpE 2201 and CpE 2204 students, covering multiple choice questions. Good luck!

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