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Council of Trent: Overview and Timeline

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What is the Catholic Church's view on sending people to hell?

Sending individuals to hell is solely the prerogative of God.

How does the Catholic Church view members of the Protestant faith in terms of being considered Christians?

Members of the Protestant faith can be considered Christians with a valid baptism.

Which sacrament did the Council of Trent emphasize as carrying real effective grace?


What did the Council of Trent affirm against the Protestant belief of 'faith alone'?


Which sacrament was highlighted by the Council of Trent as necessary apart from Baptism for receiving the Eucharist?


How did the Council of Trent view the act of Eucharist compared to members of the Protestant faith?

A mystical ingestion of Christ's real presence

What aspect of Matrimony did the Council of Trent uphold against practices in Protestant countries?

'Remarriage was held to be invalid.'

'Christ alone' teaching by Protestants was challenged by which sacrament according to the Council of Trent?


'Sale and trading of holy orders' was specifically addressed by which sacrament in the Council of Trent?

Holy Orders

What was stressed about Confirmation in the Council of Trent?

Its necessity apart from Baptism was highlighted.

Learn about the Council of Trent, an important ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church that ran from 1545 to 1563. Explore the key decisions made during this period and understand its significance in Christian history.

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