Cooperation vs Competition in Classroom

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According to Sattler & Kerr (1991), how did hearing statements about cooperation affect the participants' behavior?

They became less competitive and more cooperative

How does group size typically affect cooperation according to the text?

Cooperation decreases in larger groups due to decreased identifiability of each person's behavior

What is the concept of evaluation apprehension mentioned in the text related to?

Anxiety about being judged by others

According to Latane et al (1979), how does the level of noise produced per person change in larger groups?

It drops significantly in larger groups

What does reciprocal altruism and kin selection contribute to from an evolutionary viewpoint?

Boosting individual survival and reproduction chances

What is one factor that can shape whether individuals cooperate or compete?

The behavior of others in the group

According to Kerr (1983), what did the male undergraduates exhibit when working with a partner who was not working hard?

The sucker effect

In what condition did the male undergraduates exhibit similar results to the control condition (working alone)?

When working with someone not showing much effort at the same time

What may affect an individual's willingness to cooperate according to the text?

The nature of the situation

How can teachers create a competitive or co-operative spirit in a classroom?

By promoting teamwork and collaboration

Explore the impact of competition and cooperation in the classroom environment and how it influences students' self-esteem and motivation. This quiz discusses the norms in the classroom, the effects of competition on students' preparedness for the real world, and methods to test the impact of cooperation and competition.

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