Conversion of Percentages to Fractions and Decimals

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Bagaimana cara mengonversi persen ke bilangan pecahan?

Membagi persen dengan 100

Jika Anda ingin mengubah '25%' ke dalam bentuk pecahan, apa bentuknya?


Berapakah nilai dalam pecahan untuk '40%'?


'75%' setara dengan pecahan berapa?


Bagaimana mengonversi '20%' menjadi bilangan pecahan?


'90%' dalam bentuk pecahan adalah?


Study Notes

Percentage to Fraction Conversion

In mathematics, we often need to convert between different forms of numbers such as fractions, decimals, and percents. This conversion is used when representing measurements or ratios. In this section, let's explore how to convert percents into both decimal numbers and fractions.

From Percent to Decimal Number

To convert a percentage to its corresponding decimal number, you simply divide the percentage by 100:

[ \frac{\text{Percent}}{100} = \text{Decimal} ]

For example, if you want to change '7%' into its equivalent decimal number, perform the following calculation:

[ \frac{7}{100} = 0.07 = 7% ]

So, (7%=0.07).

From Percent to Fraction

Converting from percentages to fractions involves dividing the percentage figure by 100 and expressing it in terms of a number over 100:

[ \frac{\text{Percent}}{\cancelto{100}{\text{Percent}}} = \frac{\text{Fraction}}{\text{Term}} ]

Using the previous example, converting '(7%)' to a fraction would look like this:

[ \frac{7}{100} ]

This can also be expressed more clearly as a mixed number:

[ \frac{7}{100} = \boxed{0.\overline{7}}\quad (\text{or } 7\tfrac{1}{14}) ]

Therefore, (7%=\frac{7}{100}) or (7\tfrac{1}{14}).

Practice makes perfect with these conversions, so try using a few examples until you feel comfortable. Remember, there could always be a tricky question waiting just around the corner!

Learn how to convert percentages into fractions and decimals in mathematics. Practice converting percentages to their equivalent decimal numbers and fractions. Understand the process of dividing the percentage by 100 to obtain the decimal and fraction forms.

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