Control and Coordination in Living Organisms Quiz

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What is the reason we associate visible movements with life?

Movement is a response to a change in the organism's environment

Which type of movement is not connected with growth?

Running in cats

What is a possible reason for the movement of a cat running?

It has seen a mouse

What is the result of stopping the growth of a seed?

The seedling's movements would not happen

What is the association between movement and life processes in living organisms?

Movement is an indication of life processes

What process maximizes the number of successful variations?

Sexual reproduction

Where do we find very little variations among individual plants?

Field of sugarcane

What is the focus of study in this chapter?

Variation accumulation

Which organisms reproduce sexually and show distinct variations among individuals?

Animals including human beings

What is the long-term consequence of the accumulation of variations?


Test your knowledge of control and coordination in living organisms with this quiz. Explore topics such as movements in plants, seed germination, and the maintenance functions of living organisms.

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