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Consumer Behaviour and Marketing

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What is the approach of Raviv Turner, CEO of CaliberMind, when communicating with analytical and emotional individuals?

Adapt language to the individual's personality type

According to linguists, how long have humans used memes to communicate?

For centuries

What is the primary reason people often buy products, according to the text?

For what they mean

What does the product elicit according to the text?

Emotional bonds of warmth, passion, or other strong positive feelings

What is the term for the type of attachment where a product serves as a link with a past self?

Nostalgic attachment

What is the term for the type of attachment where a product helps to establish the user's identity?

Selfconcept attachment

What is the Global Village referred to in the text?

A metaphor for the world becoming smaller due to media

What is the term for the type of attachment where a product is a part of the user's daily routine?


What is the significance of the digital revolution in the text?

It has led to significant changes in consumer behavior

What is the role of consumers in social media according to the text?

They are creators and producers of content

What is the significance of Reality TV and product placement according to the text?

They are opportunities for companies to sponsor products

What is the underlying question the text raises about marketing?

How much of our lives is influenced by marketing

What is the primary focus of the FCC in the US regarding advertising?

Investigating complaints about advertisements

What is the main purpose of Advertising Standards Canada?

To administer the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards

What is the role of the CRTC in Canada?

To approve commercials for airing

What is the main concern about 'free' online services?

They compromise our privacy

What is the purpose of About Face?

To posts articles and offenders of advertisements that promote false reality of body image

What is the phrase that suggests we are the product when using 'free' online services?

If you're not paying for it, you're the product

What is the term for digitally altering old episodes of TV shows by adding new brands and product placement?


Which organization opposes advertising to children and the commercialization of culture?

WATCHDOGS Commercial Alert

What is the main purpose of augmented reality?

To enhance the real physical environment

In the UK, what is displayed at the start and end of a program containing product placement?

The letter 'P' for three seconds

What was the outcome of WATCHDOGS Commercial Alert's call to the US government in 2004?

The FTC rejected labeling product placements

What type of devices can be used to experience augmented reality?

Google Glass and smart devices

What can influence a person's decision-making in consumer behaviour?

A friend's recommendation or online reviews

What is the primary goal of marketers in understanding consumer behaviour?

To understand and satisfy consumer wants and needs

What is market segmentation in consumer behaviour?

Segmenting consumers into groups based on one or more similar characteristics

What are some ways to gather psychographic data?

Using surveys, psycholinguistic dictionaries, and website analytics

What do demographics in consumer behaviour involve?

Measurable and defined characteristics only

Why is understanding consumer behaviour important in marketing?

Because it helps marketers better satisfy consumer wants and needs

Learn about consumer behaviour, how it influences marketing strategy, and how marketers understand consumer wants and needs. Understand the impact of consumer decisions on marketing strategies.

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