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What does repair cost represent?

The total cost of all equipment repair and maintenance

What is the primary objective of value engineering?

Achieving the required function at a lower cost

What is project cost control mainly about?

Recording costs and progress, comparing actual vs. planned performance

What does a bid bond guarantee in a construction project?

The required performance and payment bonds if awarded the contract

What does prequalification in construction involve?

Determining contractors who are capable of performing the required work

What is the purpose of a performance bond in construction?

Guarantees completion of the project as described in the contract documents

What is the primary concern of Quality Control (QC) in construction management?

Process control

What is earthmoving in the context of construction?

The process of moving soil or rock from one location to another

What is the longest reach for digging and dumping of any member of the crane shovel family?


What is the primary use of cranes in construction?

Lifting, lowering, and transporting loads

What is the bucket volume contained within the bucket when following the outline of the bucket sides?

Plate line capacity

What is the bucket capacity when the load is struck off flush with the bucket sides?

Struck capacity

What type of schedule is created when all activities are scheduled to start at the earliest allowable time?

Early start schedule

Which of the following is NOT an operating cost for equipment?


What does depreciation represent in the context of equipment ownership?

The decline in market value of an item of equipment due to age, wear, deterioration, and obsolescence

Which of the following is NOT a component of owning costs for equipment?

Service cost

What does the investment cost represent in the context of equipment ownership?

The annual cost of the capital invested in a machine

Which of the following is NOT a principal element of owning costs for equipment?

Service cost

What is the primary function of waterstops in concrete construction?

To prevent water from penetrating the joints

What materials are used for coarse aggregate in concrete?

Gravel, crushed stone, or other suitable materials

Which type of concrete mixer is capable of mixing and transporting concrete?

Truck mixers or transit mix trucks

What is slip forming used for in concrete construction?

To continuously move a form for vertical structures upward

What is the purpose of admixtures in concrete?

To alter the properties of the concrete

What is the primary function of water-reducing admixtures in concrete?

To reduce the amount of water required for mixing

What is the main characteristic of prestressed concrete?

It is concrete that has been subjected to a compression load.

Which bond pattern uses only stretcher courses with head joints centered over stretchers in the course below?

Running bond

Which bond pattern alternates stretchers and headers in each course with headers centered over stretchers in the course below?

Flemish bond

What is the function of a bond beam in a masonry wall?

To provide a continuously reinforced horizontal beam of concrete or masonry for additional strength.

What is the purpose of expansion or control joints in masonry walls?

To permit differential movement of wall sections caused by shrinkage of concrete foundations and floor slabs.

What is the difference between pretensioning and posttensioning in prestressed concrete?

Pretensioning places the prestressing material under tension in the concrete form before the member is poured, while posttensioning places the prestressing steel under compression.

Test your knowledge on construction management innovations, including contractual arrangements, quality management, and earthmoving processes. Learn about services provided to owners, specification development, quality control, and soil moving techniques.

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