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What is the primary cause of soil settlement due to loads?

Expansion of void spaces

Which type of settlement is based on equations derived from the theory of elasticity?

Elastic settlement

What type of soils experience primary consolidation settlement?

Saturated cohesive soils

When does secondary consolidation settlement occur?

At constant effective stress

What characterizes elastic settlement?

Deformation without change in moisture content

Which category of settlement involves the plastic adjustment of soil fabrics?

Secondary consolidation settlement

What distinguishes primary consolidation settlement from secondary consolidation settlement?

'Results from expulsion of water vs. results from plastic adjustment'

'What type of soils experience elastic settlement?'

'Dry soils only'

'When does elastic settlement occur?'

Before expulsion of water or air from void spaces'

Test your knowledge on the fundamentals of consolidation settlement in foundations, focusing on primary and secondary consolidation settlements as well as elastic settlement. Understand the relationship between pore water pressure and stress increase in saturated soil layers.

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