Conquest of Makkah
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Conquest of Makkah

Test your knowledge about the Conquest of Makkah, a significant event in Islamic history. Learn about the treaty of Hudaibiya, the Holy Prophet's preparations for war, and the aftermath of the conquest. Evaluate your understanding of this pivotal moment in Islam.

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The Quraish broke the treaty of Hudaibiya, leading to the Holy Prophet preparing for war.


The Holy Prophet divided his army into five groups before marching towards Makkah.


The Quraish resisted the Holy Prophet's army, leading to a fierce battle.


The Holy Prophet destroyed all the idols in Makkah, including those in the Ka'abah.

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Abu Sufyan was excluded from the general pardon declared by the Holy Prophet.

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Study Notes

Treaty of Hudaibiya

  • Muslims obediently observed the Treaty of Hudaibiya until its breach by the Quraish
  • The Holy Prophet sent an emissary to renegotiate the treaty, but the Quraish refused

Preparations for War

  • The Holy Prophet ordered war preparations in response to the Quraish's refusal
  • A 10,000-strong army was assembled and marched towards Makkah
  • The army was divided into four groups with instructions to defend themselves if attacked

Conquest of Makkah

  • The Quraish offered no resistance, leading to their submission
  • The Holy Prophet declared a general amnesty, excluding a few enemies of Islam
  • Abu Sufyan and those who closed their doors were promised safety

Purification of Ka'abah

  • The Holy Prophet entered Makkah peacefully
  • He destroyed the 360 idols within the Ka'abah
  • He recited a Quranic verse stating that falsehood will vanish

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