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What are the three types of connective tissues based on the physical character of the matrix?

  1. Connective tissue proper with soft matrix, 2) Cartilage with rubbery matrix, 3) Bone with stony hard matrix.

How is cartilage described in terms of its structure?

Cartilage is a modified type of connective tissue formed of cells, fibers, and a firm, rubbery matrix.

What are the three types of cartilage based on the matrix components?

The three types of cartilage based on matrix components are: 1) Hyaline cartilage, 2) Elastic fibro-cartilage, 3) White fibro-cartilage.

Where is hyaline cartilage found in the body?

Hyaline cartilage is found in the long bones of the fetal skeleton, respiratory cartilages, articular cartilages, and costal cartilages.

Describe the structure of the perichondrium.

The perichondrium is a vascular connective tissue membrane formed of an outer fibrous layer containing collagen fibers, blood vessels, and fibroblasts, and an inner chondrogenic layer containing chondroblasts.

What are the functions of the perichondrium?

The functions of the perichondrium are: 1) Nutrition, 2) Attachment to tendons, 3) Cartilage formation during growth and repair.

Differentiate between chondroblasts and chondrocytes.

Chondroblasts are young, active, flat cells with central nuclei, preferably found singly under the perichondrium. Chondrocytes are mature, old cells found deeply in cartilage, either singly or in groups inside lacunae called cell nests.

Describe the cytoplasmic features of chondrocytes.

Chondrocytes have basophilic cytoplasm rich in rough endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, Golgi apparatus, glycogen, and alkaline phosphatase enzyme.

What is the role of chondrocytes in cartilage growth?

Chondrocytes can divide to form groups of two or four cells called cell nests, which are responsible for the growth of cartilage.

What are the two main functions of chondrocytes?

The two main functions of chondrocytes are: 1) Formation of cartilage matrix, 2) Cell division for cartilage growth.

Test your knowledge on connective tissue and the different types of cartilage, including proper with soft matrix, cartilage with rubbery matrix, and bone with a stony hard matrix. Learn about the characteristics of cartilage and the different types such as hyaline cartilage, elastic fibro-cartilage, and white fibro-cartilage.

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