Computer Viruses: Symptoms and Prevention

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What is the main purpose of a computer virus?

To replicate itself and infect computer systems

Which of the following is a symptom of a virus-infected computer?

Corrupted hard disk data

What is malware?

Any software used to disrupt computer operation or gain unauthorized access

Where does a boot sector virus reside?

In the master boot record of a hard disk or the boot sector of a floppy disk

What type of virus attaches itself to program files?

File virus

What is the primary intention of malware?

To act against the requirements of the computer user

What type of virus activates when it detects a certain condition?

Logic bomb

Which type of malware generates pop-ups that resemble Windows system messages?


What type of malware presents unwanted advertisements to the user of a computer?


How does a polymorphic virus behave when it attaches itself to another program or file?

It modifies its program code

What is the purpose of scare-ware?

To trick victims into purchasing and downloading useless software

In what way does a Trojan horse behave?

It hides within or looks like a legitimate program

What is the primary method of spreading viruses through emails known as?

E-mail attachments

What should be done before opening any email attachment to prevent virus infection?

Install an antivirus utility and update its definitions frequently

What is the purpose of spyware?

To gather information about a person or organization without their knowledge

What is the behavior of a worm?

It copies itself repeatedly in memory or on a disk drive

Test your knowledge about computer viruses and their effects on computer systems. Learn about the symptoms of virus infection and how to prevent them from spreading.

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