Computer Ports and Cables

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What is the recommended sequence of steps when installing additional fans to help cool the computer?

Align the fan so it faces the right direction first, then mount it using predrilled holes

What is a necessary step when upgrading to a new CPU?

Ensure the new CPU fits into the existing CPU socket

What should be done after examining the I/O shield when installing a new motherboard?

Connect the power supply and any required cables

When upgrading storage devices, what is the correct way to connect the drive to the motherboard?

Connect using a SATA cable

What should be done immediately after disconnecting cables from the old motherboard?

Examine the new motherboard for connectors

Which step is crucial when installing a hard drive during a storage device upgrade?

Place in an empty drive bay and tighten screws

Which component should be examined first when upgrading a storage device?

Correct side for connection to motherboard

What must be ensured when upgrading to a new CPU in terms of compatibility with other components?

Must be compatible with motherboard chipset

What is a critical step in installing a new motherboard into a computer case?

Ensure proper insertion and securement of motherboard into case

What should be verified before placing a hard drive in an empty drive bay during an upgrade?

SATA connectivity of hard drive to motherboard

This quiz covers a variety of computer ports and cables, including legacy ports like serial and parallel, common ports like audio and video ports, as well as different types of cables. It also discusses the purpose and uses of drives with mirroring and striping. Test your knowledge in just 3 minutes!

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