Computer Networks: Application Layer

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What is the primary function of the Application Layer?

To define how applications communicate over the network

What is the primary concern regarding the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Security vulnerabilities and hacking of connected devices

What is the purpose of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)?

To define the structure of web pages

What is a characteristic of Tier 1 Internet Service Providers?

They operate global networks and exchange traffic directly with other Tier 1 providers

What is an implication of the mobile platform on e-commerce?

Increased mobile shopping and mobile payment options

What is a concern regarding the use of IoT devices?

Data collection and sharing

What is the purpose of the Domain Name System (DNS)?

To resolve domain names to IP addresses

What is a characteristic of Tier 3 Internet Service Providers?

They serve local areas or niche markets, relying on higher-tier providers for connectivity

What is a protocol used for web browsing?


What is a concern regarding the use of connected devices?

Hacking of connected devices

Test your understanding of the Application Layer, which enables user-facing applications and services to interact with the network. Learn about protocols like HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and more.

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