Computer Memory: RAM vs ROM

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What type of disc can hold up to 128 GB of data?

Memory Stick

Which disc type is a blank disc that can be written on only once?


What technology is used to read or write data on memory sticks?

Flash memory

Which device is gradually replacing CDs and DVDs?

Memory Stick

What is the maximum data capacity of a DVD-ROM?

9.4 GB

In which type of disc can data be erased and rewritten repeatedly?


What is the purpose of Internal Memory ROM?

To enable the CPU to start working when the computer is switched on

What happens to the data stored in RAM when the computer is switched off?

It is lost

What is the main purpose of the hard disc?

To serve as the main internal backing store with a large capacity

What is the function of the optical discs?

To store digital data in the form of small indentations on reflective surfaces

What is the distinguishing feature of RAM compared to ROM?

It is used temporarily to store files and programs

How does the hard disc store data digitally?

Using a series of magnetised metal discs with concentric tracks divided into sectors

Test your knowledge of computer memory with this quiz comparing Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM). Learn about the differences between these two types of memory and how they contribute to the functioning of a computer.

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