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Explain the term 'hardware' in the context of a computer system.

Hardware refers to all the physical components of a computer system, including the devices connected to it. It is essential for creating and using a computer, as well as for running software.

What is the function of an input device in a computer system?

An input device enables the user to send data or information to the computer, which is then processed by the Central Processing Unit (CPU) to produce the output.

Describe the purpose and design of a mouse as an input device.

A mouse is a hand-held input device used to move the cursor across the screen. It is designed to be used on a flat surface, with left and right buttons and a scroll wheel. It was invented by Douglas C. Engelbart in 1963.

What is the function of a light pen as an input device, and how does it work?

A light pen looks like a pen and has a light-sensitive detector at the tip. It detects the location of an object on the screen and sends signals to the CPU for processing.

Explain the function of a barcode reader (barcode scanner) as an input device.

A barcode reader is an optical scanner that can read printed barcodes, decode the data contained in the barcode, and send the data to a computer for further processing.

Test your knowledge about the physical components of a computer system, including input/output devices and the central processing unit.

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