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Which type of access method is Magnetic Disk using?

Random access

Where is Record 149 found on a disk with 50 records per track starting at track 0?


Which write policy minimizes memory writes?

Write back

In which parity scheme should the total number of 1s in the string and the parity bit add up to an odd number?

Odd parity

What is one of the purposes of access control?

To protect documents from overwritten by unauthorized users

Which component is NOT a basic part of a CPU?

Hard Disk

What is a core function performed by the Operating System?

Shutting down the Computer when the battery has reached a low level

What works as both an input and output device?


What is the decimal equivalent of the binary number 0110?


What are the two steps of an instruction cycle referred to as?

Fetch cycle, execute cycle

Test your knowledge of basic computer components and functions with this quiz. Identify key components of a CPU and core functions performed by the Operating System. Also, determine devices that can work as both input and output devices.

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