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What is the primary function of an operating system?

To manage computer hardware and software resources

Which type of language is closer to human language and easier to understand?

High-level languages

What is the main purpose of secondary memory in a computer?

To store data and programs permanently

What is the main role of computer peripherals?

To provide additional functionalities to the computer

Study Notes

Operating System

  • The primary function of an operating system is to manage and coordinate computer hardware components and provide a platform for running application software.

Programming Languages

  • High-level languages, such as Python or Java, are closer to human language and easier to understand, as they are more abstract and less machine-dependent.

Computer Memory

  • The main purpose of secondary memory in a computer is to provide a non-volatile storage for data and programs, which can be retained even when the power is turned off.

Computer Peripherals

  • The main role of computer peripherals is to facilitate interaction with the computer, providing input/output capabilities, and enhancing the overall computing experience.

Prepare for IBPS, SBI, & RBI exams with this special edition computer awareness e-book. It covers the characteristics, history, generations, types, fundamentals, organization, and memory of computers.

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