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What does computational thinking involve?

Expressing problems and their solutions in ways that a computer could execute

When does the history of computational thinking date back to?

At least the 1950s

What are some ideas involved in computational thinking?

Abstraction, data representation, and logically organizing data

Which other kinds of thinking share similarities with computational thinking?

Scientific thinking, engineering thinking, systems thinking, design thinking

What are some terms that preceded the idea of computational thinking?

Algorithmizing, procedural thinking, algorithmic thinking

What does computational thinking involve?

Formulating problems for computer execution

Which term preceded the idea of computational thinking?

Procedural thinking

What is one of the historical roots of computational thinking?

Ideas like abstraction and data representation

How does computational thinking relate to other kinds of thinking?

It shares similarities with scientific thinking and design thinking

What is the historical timeframe of computational thinking as a concept?

Dates back at least to the 1950s

Test your knowledge of computational thinking with this quiz! Challenge yourself with questions about problem-solving methods, algorithms, automation, and the application of computing in problem-solving. See how well you understand the thought processes involved in formulating problems for computational solutions.

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