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What type of license is required for a pharmacist to import, store, and deal with poisons by wholesale and retail?

Type A license

What is the primary role of community pharmacies in assisting patients?

Medication counselling for non-communicable diseases

What is the purpose of Dispensing Separation (DS) in community pharmacies?

To prevent pharmacists from diagnosing and prescribing medication

What activities are pharmacists in community pharmacies involved in, apart from dispensing medication?

Health promotion and education

What is the focus of domiciliary services provided by community pharmacies?

Home services

Community pharmacy requires at least 1 pharmacist holding a type B license issued under poison act 1952.


Pharmacists in community pharmacies are prohibited from dispensing/selling drugs to patients.


Community pharmacies are involved in medication counseling for communicable diseases.


Dispensing Separation (DS) allows pharmacists to diagnose illnesses and prescribe medications.


Community pharmacies provide domiciliary services for home-bound patients.


Test your knowledge on the roles and responsibilities of community pharmacy in healthcare with this quiz. Covering topics such as medication dispensing, patient monitoring, and medication counseling, this quiz will help you understand the vital role of community pharmacists in patient care.

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