Ecology Lecture 2

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What are the three fundamental features of a community?

Species diversity, feeding relationships, interspecific interactions

What are the two components of species diversity in a community?

Species richness and relative abundance

What is the role of producers in a trophic structure?

They are the autotrophs of a community and all organisms rely on them

What is a food web in a trophic structure?

A branching food chain with complex trophic interactions

What do decomposers do in a community?

Recycle all biomass

What is the proportion each species represents of all individuals in the community called?

Relative abundance

What are the different levels of heterotrophic organisms called in a trophic structure?


What is the variety of organisms that make up a community called?

Species diversity

What is the term for the specific set of biotic and abiotic resources used by an organism?


Which interaction occurs when two species compete for a limited resource?


What is the term for interactions where both species benefit?


Which organism eats parts of plants or algae?


What type of interaction occurs when one species benefits and the other is neither helped nor harmed?


What is the term for an organism that derives nourishment from another organism, its host, which is harmed in the process?


What may occur if two species’ niches overlap?


Which interaction between a consumer and another species involves the consumer feeding upon the other species?


What are interactions between populations in a community called?

Community dynamics

What is the term for the interactions between populations in a community categorized by their effect on the survival and reproduction of each species?

Interspecific interaction

Test your knowledge of community ecology with this quiz! Explore the interactions between different populations in the same area, including species diversity, feeding relationships, and interspecific interactions. Learn about species richness, relative abundance, and other fundamental features of a community.

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