Community Ecology: Interspecific Interactions

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What is a biological community?

An assemblage of populations of various species living close enough for potential interaction

Which term describes relationships between different species in a community?

Interspecific interactions

What is interspecific competition?

Competition between different species for a resource in short supply

What does the competitive exclusion principle state?

Strong competition leads to the elimination of a competing species

Which term describes the total use of biotic and abiotic resources by a species?

Ecological niche

How can ecologically similar species coexist in a community?

Through resource partitioning

What is the main difference between the fundamental niche and the realized niche of a species?

Fundamental niche is the potential habitat, while realized niche is where the species actually lives.

What do sympatric populations exhibit more than allopatric populations according to the text?

Character displacement in traits.

Which of the following is NOT a type of defensive adaptation used by prey?

Morphological adaptations like claws and teeth.

What does Batesian mimicry involve?

A harmless species mimicking a harmful one.

The competitive exclusion principle predicts that coexisting species will have what kind of niches?

Identical niches for stable coexistence.

What is the primary purpose of predators' feeding adaptations?

To kill and eat other species.

Explore the concept of community ecology and the relationships between different species in an ecosystem. Learn about how interspecific interactions can impact the survival and reproduction of each species within a biological community.

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