Common Sports Injuries: Strains and Sprains

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What is the most common type of sports-related injury?


What is the primary function of ligaments in the body?

To connect bones

What helps to reduce the risk of injury when landing from a jump?

Gradually extending and flexing the leg upon landing

What is a common consequence of repeated sprains?

Weaker ligaments

What can help to support and protect joints with a history of sprains during activities?


What type of tissue can help to soften the impact on the structure upon landing?


What is the primary characteristic of acute injuries?

They manifest immediately after the application of force.

What type of injury occurs when a bone is pushed out of its joint capsule?


Which of the following factors does not influence tissue resistance to forces?

Blood type

What type of force pushes toward the center, compressing the structure?

Compressive force

What is the relationship between musculoskeletal strength and collagen and elastin fibers?

Musculoskeletal strength is directly proportional to collagen and elastin fibers.

Which of the following structures is highly resistant to compressive forces?


Test your knowledge on common sports injuries, including strains and sprains, their causes, symptoms, and prevention methods. Learn how to identify and manage these injuries to get back to your game quickly. Improve your understanding of sports medicine and stay safe on the field.

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