Color Spaces in OpenCV

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Which color space is described as a combination of Red, Green, and Blue colors?

RGB Color Space

In which color space are the values of Hue, Saturation, and Value used to represent colors?

HSV Color Space

Which color space is considered an alternative color model to RGB and is closer to the way a human eye perceives any color?

HSV Color Space

In contrast to RGB, which color space is a subtractive color model?

CMYK Color Space

Which color space uses the combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) colors?

CMYK Color Space

What do the alphabets CMYK stand for?

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

What does Cr stand for in the YCrCb color space?


What is the purpose of using the HSV color model?

To easily make color adjustments by adding white or black

What is the significance of XYZ coordinates being 'imaginary colors'?

They are outside the locus of colors mapped by the color matching experiments

What does LAB stand for in the LAB color space?

Lightness, A for Green to Magenta, B for Blue to Yellow

What does the skimage module provide?

Different image processing algorithms

What is the purpose of using the YCrCb color space?

Separation of luminance from chrominance into different channels

What is the function of the imshow() function in skimage?

To view an image

'HSV' may also be called HSB. What does 'SB' stand for?

Saturation and Brightness

Which library is used for loading images in Python?

Explore the concept of color spaces and their representation using a mathematical model in the context of OpenCV, a popular computer vision library. Learn about the fixed range of possible colors and luminance values and how OpenCV provides algorithms for manipulating color spaces.

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