Color Spaces and OpenCV

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What is a color space?

A mathematical model describing how colors can be represented

Which color space is represented by a combination of Red, Green, and Blue?

RGB color space

In the HSV color space, what does 'H' stand for?


What is the range of 'Hue' values in the HSV color space?

0 to 179

Which color space is a subtractive color model?

CMYK color space

What is OpenCV?

A popular computer vision library written in C/C++ with bindings for Python

In the HSV color model, what does the V stand for?


What do the letters in the CIELAB color space represent?

Lightness, A color components, B color components

What is the purpose of the YCrCb color space?

To separate luminance from chrominance into different channels

What does the letter 'K' represent in the CMYK color model?


What is the purpose of the XYZ color space?

To map imaginary and real colors based on color matching experiments

What does Cr stand for in the YCrCb color space?


Which module contains different image processing algorithms in Python?


What does the A component in the LAB color space represent?

(A) color components ranging from Green to Magenta

What is the primary use of both linear and non-linear filtering in image enhancement?

Noise removal

What type of noise can the mean filter effectively remove?

Salt and pepper noise

What does the mean filter do to every pixel in the output image?

Replaces it with the mean value from its neighborhood

What type of noise is added using the 'imnoise' function with a variance of 0.02?

Gaussian noise

Which type of filtering gives equal weight to all pixels in the neighborhood?

Mean filtering

What is the effect of using a mean filter in image enhancement?

Smooths the image

What is a drawback of mean filtering?

It is not robust to large noise deviations in the image

How does increasing the neighborhood size affect the mean filtering process?

It causes more blurring of edges in the image

What is a limitation of the median filter compared to the mean filter?

It has higher computational cost

Why is the median filter considered superior to the mean filter?

It better preserves sharp high-frequency detail

Which type of noise is best dealt with using a measure that is robust to statistical outliers?

'Salt and pepper' noise

What increases the computational requirement of the median operator?

Ordering of values in the pixel neighborhood

What effect does larger kernel sizes have on mean filtering?

Further suppresses Gaussian noise but degrades image quality

In general, what are the main drawbacks of mean filtering?

Not robust to large noise deviations and causes blurring of edges

What is an advantage of median filtering over mean filtering?

Better preservation of sharp high-frequency detail and less blurring of edges

What makes median filtering superior to mean filtering for noise removal?

Better preservation of sharp high-frequency detail and more effective for Gaussian noise removal

Explore the concept of color spaces, which are mathematical models describing how colors can be represented within a fixed range of possible colors and luminance values. Learn about OpenCV, a popular computer vision library that provides efficient ways of manipulating color spaces and various algorithms useful in image processing.

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