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What is the primary focus of connectionist networks?

High-level cognitive processes

What emerges from the interactions between simple units in connectionist networks?

Rules and behavior

What is the term for the concept where the mind makes use of a mechanism that influences the activation levels of similar items?


What type of words might have a small amount of activation when hearing a word like 'ghost'?

Words with similar meaning

What is the primary source of data for this book?

Traditional psychology experiments

What is the purpose of using reaction times in traditional psychology experiments?

To measure the speed of cognitive processes

What type of research is used to study cognitive processes in this book?

Experimental studies

What is the role of errors in modern psycholinguistics?

To inform research and understanding

What is the term for the approach that focuses on high-level cognitive processes such as recognition, memory, comprehension, and grammatical competence?

Cognitive science

What is an example of a method used in modern psycholinguistics?

Reaction time experiments

This quiz covers cognitive neuropsychology, a recent development in the field of psycholinguistics. It explores the relationship between brain damage and cognitive functions.

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