Cognitive Development in Preschoolers

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What is the primary role of pedagogical cues in children's learning?

To guide radical reorganization of category knowledge

What do children as young as two and three years old use to guide their inductive generalizations and exploration?

Both linguistic and pedagogical cues

What is the term used to describe the process by which children learn from others through observation and imitation?

Natural pedagogy

What do toddlers view as normative, according to Casler, Terziyan, and Greene (2009)?

Artifact function

What is the term used to describe the idea that children make sense of the world by assuming that things have inherent properties?

The inherence heuristic

What is the result of culture-gene coevolution, according to Chudek and Henrich (2011)?

The emergence of human prosociality

What is the age range of children studied in the research paper by McGuigan et al. (2007) on imitation of tool use?

3- and 5-year-old

What is the title of the book written by Nagel in 1986?

The View from Nowhere

What is the focus of the research paper by Nielsen and Tomaselli (2010)?

Overimitation in Kalahari Bushman children

Who wrote the book 'The Social System' in 1951?

Parsons, T.

What is the primary focus of the research papers by Rakoczy, H. and colleagues (2008, 2009, 2013)?

Young children's understanding of normative rules in games

What is the name of the software environment for statistical computing mentioned in the text?


What is a characteristic of young children's acquisition of social norms?

They are quick to construct social norms from observing others.

What is the topic of the study mentioned in the text?

Promiscuous normativity in young children

Who analyzed the data in Experiment 1?


What was the role of J.Heinz in the study?

J.Heinz performed the testing and data collection for Experiment 1.

Who supported M.F.H.Schmidt and L.P.Butler with postdoctoral fellowships?

The Max Planck Society and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

What was the source of part of Experiment 1?

A bachelor's thesis by J.Heinz

Quiz about research on preschoolers' cognitive development, including their use of pedagogical cues and learning from interactions. Based on studies by Butler, Markman, and others.

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