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Cognitive Behavioral Theory Development

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What was the primary focus of Aaron T. Beck's psychoanalytic training?

Achieving eminence in the psychoanalytic community

What was the outcome of Beck's empirically based study on dream content in depressed patients?

The results failed to conform to the psychoanalytic theory

What did Beck observe in his patients during his research?

The presence of a conscious voice or 'automatic thoughts' in their depression

What was the characteristic of the 'automatic thoughts' expressed by Beck's patients?

They were self-defeating and at the core of their depression

What can be inferred from the client's situation in the college counseling center?

The client's anxiety stems from her self-defeating thoughts and catastrophizing

What is the underlying assumption of Cognitive Behavioral Theory?

People's thoughts and feelings are interconnected and influence their behavior

What is the underlying cause of the client's anxiety, according to the psychologist?

The client's belief that her boyfriend no longer has feelings for her

What is the goal of the psychologist in helping the client consider alternative explanations for her boyfriend's slow response?

To defeat the client's faulty belief and reduce her anxiety

What was the reason given for dismissing Beck from the American Psychoanalytic Institute?

He was not sufficiently analyzed to challenge psychoanalytic ideas

What is the current status of Beck's cognitive-behavioral therapy?

It is a widely utilized approach for treating depression

What is the primary focus of Beck's cognitive-behavioral therapy?

Identifying and challenging faulty beliefs and thoughts

What is the expected outcome of defeating the client's faulty belief?

Reduced anxiety and improved mood

What is the characteristic of Beck's cognitive-behavioral therapy, according to the text?

It rests on sound empirical evidence

Learn about the evolution of Cognitive Behavioral Theory, its roots in psychoanalysis, and the contributions of Aaron T. Beck. This quiz is perfect for mental health practitioners and students interested in the history of CBT.

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