Clinical Examination: Trapezius Muscle and Hypoglossal Nerve

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What type of headache often has a vascular cause?

Throbbing headache

What type of headache is associated with oculosympathetic disturbance?

Cluster headache

Which type of headache may be triggered after a period of excitement?


What can loss of consciousness result from?

All of the above

What should be clarified about loss of consciousness?

All of the above

What kind of symptoms may precede an attack leading to loss of consciousness?

Visual disturbances

What symptom is associated with spastic paralysis, rigidity, and involuntary movement?

Generalized, proximal, or distal weakness

Which condition is likely if a patient experiences intention tremors and inability to change movement rapidly?

Tremors or involuntary movement

What is the most common cause of headaches according to the text?

Muscle contraction

What should you ask a patient with a sudden onset headache according to the text?

Is it related to migraine?

Which symptom is NOT mentioned as potentially associated with changes in sensory perception and cognitive functions?

Tremors or involuntary movement

What is a characteristic feature of headaches that have been presented for several years according to the text?

Unchanged pattern

How is the Achilles tendon reflex elicited?

Having the patient sit with feet dangling, flexing the leg at the hip and knee, and striking the Achilles tendon

What nerve roots are tested by the Achilles tendon reflex?

S1 to S2

How is the abdominal superficial reflex elicited?

Having the patient lie on the back and quickly stroking the abdomen horizontally

What happens when the cremasteric superficial reflex is elicited in men?

Rapid elevation of the testicle on the same side

What type of sensation is evaluated by light touch during sensory testing?

Light touch

Which nerves are responsible for light touch sensation?

Spinal nerves

What is the purpose of palpating the trapezius muscles during the evaluation process?

To determine muscle tone

Which nerve supplies the fibers to the muscles of the tongue?

Hypoglossal nerve (XII)

What is the significance of inspecting muscle atrophy and fasciculations during a neurological examination?

To evaluate muscle tone

What grade represents 'complete paralysis' in the muscle strength assessment according to the text?

Grade 0

When does 'Grade 2' muscle strength appear according to the text?

When power is detectable only when gravity is excluded by postural adjustment

What is the initial step during motor system evaluation according to the text?

Assessing muscle bulk

How is pain sensation tested?

By using a safety pin and asking if it is felt

What should be done if sensation is abnormal while testing pain sensation on the toes and fingers?

Work proximally until a sensory level can be determined

How should proprioception be tested?

By moving the distal phalanx

What is the purpose of using a wooden applicator stick with both sharp and dull ends?

To test pain sensation

When testing pain sensation, what should the examiner say when touching the patient with the blunt end of the pin?

'This is dull.'

What should you do if the patient has no loss of sensation while testing pain sensation?

Proceed with the next examination

Test your knowledge on evaluating the trapezius muscle and the hypoglossal nerve during a clinical examination. Learn about palpation techniques and assessment methods for these anatomical structures.

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