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What is the distance traveled by one complete wave cycle of electromagnetic radiation measured in?


How is radiant energy characterized in terms of spectrum?

By wavelength

Which type of light has very short wavelengths?

Ultraviolet (UV) light

What is the relationship between wavelength and energy in light?

Longer wavelength has more energy

What property characterizes electromagnetic radiation as having wave-like and particle-like properties?


Study Notes

Electromagnetic Radiation

  • The distance traveled by one complete wave cycle of electromagnetic radiation is measured in wavelengths.

Spectrum of Radiant Energy

  • Radiant energy is characterized in terms of a spectrum, which is a range of frequencies and wavelengths.

Types of Light

  • Gamma rays have very short wavelengths.

Wavelength and Energy

  • There is an inverse relationship between wavelength and energy in light: as wavelength decreases, energy increases, and vice versa.

Properties of Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Electromagnetic radiation exhibits both wave-like and particle-like properties, characterized by its dual nature, also known as wave-particle duality.

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